The boy of endless enthusiasm and courage, Aidan is at one with his surroundings. If called upon he will remove snakes from neighbors' porches or procure snapping turtles for local chefs, on the whole he'd rather be fishing.


The name is Cherokee for 'leaping waters' Tallulah is a green thumb, she loves to spend hours in the dirt putting in seeds in the spring and harvesting the bounty in the summer.


Born in Toronto and exported to Alleghany Spring at the tender age of 7 she is a reluctant farmer but an enthusiastic caretaker of younger siblings. She enjoys photography and revels in the visits of urban chefs and their film crews. She may be destined for city life someday so we hope to shape her into a spokesperson /marketer capitalizing on her beautiful smile and agreeable demeanor.


The youngest and most vocal child in the brood, Sadie essentially is the boss of the operation, pointing out jobs for the rest of us to do while riding in the bed of the pickup shouting "Faster!!"


My wife is the brains of the outfit. Sarah is a family doctor who practices obstetrics and raises beautiful tomatoes and children. It is through her hard work that we were able to afford to make the mortgage while the farm found its feet. She enjoys making crafts and clothes for the kids and spending time in the garden.


I've told you enough about me. I have a degree I use not at all, except to entertain the company and the livestock. I'm often dirty and mostly quite sleepy.