Leaping Waters Farm Price List Fall 2015

Please note: Some of the products listed here are consistently available; some are specialty items that are available upon request. Please also note that our butchers can prepare any cut you choose, beyond what is listed here; please feel free to contact us with specific inquiries.


Frozen Ground Turkey                                                  -$7.50/lb

Turkey Sausage w/ sage and cranberry                     -$8.50/lb
Turkey Legs/Wing Packs                                              -$8.00/lb

Whole Goose (fresh or frozen)                                    – $9.00/lb


Whole Pigs (or Split w/ head and offal)

Large Black, Berk, Red Wattle, Landrace >150 lb          -$4.65/lb

Saddleback, Ossabaw >150 lbs                                           -$5.00/lb

All breeds 100-150 lbs                                                          -$4.50/lb

All breeds 40-100 lbs                                                            -$6.00/lb

All breeds < 40 lbs (suckling)                                              -$8.50/lb


Processed Pork

Sausage (Hot Italian, Brats, Andoullie, etc.)          -$8.00/lb

Breakfast Sausage (loose, 5 lb packs)                       -$8.00/lb

Bacon (Nitrate Free)                                                    -$9.00/lb

Ground Pork                                                                  -$5.50/lb

Rib Rack                                                                         -$8.50/lb

Shoulder                                                                         -$5.25/lb

Side                                                                                 -$6.25/lb

Tenderloin                                                                     -$10.00/lb

Boneless Chops                                                             -$15.00/lb
Bone-In Chops                                                              -$16.00/lb

Ham                                                                                 -$5.00/lb

Belly                                                                                 -$5.75/lb



Cattle (Ancient White Park, grass fed)


Ground Beef                                                                       -$8.00/lb

Hanging Flank                                                                   -$10.00/lb

Top Round/ London Broil                                               -$8.00/lb

Flank/Skirt                                                                         -$9.00/lb

Sirloin Tip                                                                           -$6.25/lb

Top Sirloin                                                                          -$9.00/lb

Flat Iron                                                                              -$10.00/lb

Bavette Steak                                                                     -$10.00/lb

Short Ribs                                                                          -$7.50/lb

Oxtail                                                                                  -$7.00/lb

Eye of Round Roast                                                         -$7.00/lb

Chuck Eye Steak                                                              -$6.50/lb

Brisket                                                                               -$9.20/lb

Whole Chuck                                                                   -$5.50/lb

Strip Steak                                                                       -$18.00/lb

Rump Roast                                                                    -$5.50/lb

Tenderloin                                                                      -$20.00/lb

Boneless for Stew                                                          -$7.00/lb

Ribeye Roast Whole                                                     -$18.00/lb

Ribeye Steak                                                                  -$18.00/lb

Shortloin Whole                                                           -$18.00/lb

Marrow Bones (split canoes)                                    -$6.00/lb

Long Bones/Soup Bones                                           -$6.00/lb



Ground Lamb                                                              -$10.00/lb

Whole Lamb                                                                -$6.50/lb

Rack of Lamb                                                              -$16.00/lb

Saddle                                                                           -$16.00/lb

Leg                                                                                 -$8.00/lb

Shoulder                                                                       -$8.00/lb

Neck Roast                                                                   -$8.00/lb

Chop/Loin                                                                    -$16.00/lb