LB Hogs ................................Animals

The Large Black Hogs are remarkably well named even if it’s not the most romantic sounding title on the farm. The breeding sows can grow to nearly six hundred pounds and the boars even larger. We try to keep the breeding stock on the trim side, around 400 pounds. They are well suited to outdoor operations like we have here. The black skin soaks in the sun in the winter and prevents sunburn in the summer. They are excellent mothers who protect and feed litters of up to fourteen with extraordinary devotion. Their relaxed nature gives them an advantage in the meat they produce. Although quite playful they tend to like to lie around in the mud and shade in the warmer months, this builds layers of fat and a micro marbling that is wonderfully tender and flavorful. Although they were originally bred to the baconer type, these are fantastic meat hogs whose loins, shoulders, ribs and bellies are palpably superior to their commercial cousins.