We’re always accepting new members!

Please contact meatcsa.leapingwatersfarm@gmail.com for more info.

Offering CSAs to:
Blacksburg, VA
Salem/Roanoke, VA

Charleston, SC via HERD


Each family pays –$500 per share plus a $10 bag fee (local) or $50 shipping (non local).


For your money you will receive $50 worth of meat every two weeks (local), or $100 worth of meat every month (shipped shares) at a designated location (depending on your location) for 5 months starting in September.


Our prices will be below our normal retail prices but enough above wholesale to cover the expense of individual packing.  Most products will come in 1 lb portions, the exception being roasts which are usually 2.5 lbs.  A typical local delivery would look something like this (shipped CSA shares will contain double the amount):

1 lb Bacon

1 lb Sausage  (garlic brats, sweet Italian, andoullie, chorizo, hot Italian, breakfast sausage, cranberry-sage turkey sausage, etc.)

1 lbs Ground Beef

1 lb Ground Turkey

1 lb Ground Lamb

2.5 lb Roast


This is to give you an idea of an average delivery.  Some folks have already said they don’t want turkey, some don’t want bacon, this is fine, we are flexible.  Most deliveries will not be identical.  Each animal yields many different cuts and so you will hopefully be trying some things you never have before. We have all sorts of products available to you, ask the farmer, it can be done!

Leaping Waters Farm’s Fall/Winter CSA costs $500 for 10 deliveries of $50 worth of meat or 5 deliveries of $100 worth of meat. There is a $10 bag fee for local deliveries.

We accept cash, check, and Paypal (info@leapingwwatersfarm.com, please add 3% processing fee) as CSA payments.

Payment is due, in full, before your 1st delivery. Payment can be split in half, but both checks are due prior to the start of the CSA. If splitting the payment into two checks, please postdate one check for 11/1/14. Please make checks payable to Leaping Waters Farm and mail, with your completed Registration Form to:

Leaping Waters Farm
PO Box 781
Shawsville, VA 24162


Check out our blog for recipes and to see what’s happening around the farm.


Don’t need that much meat?

Email us at meatCSA.leapingwatersfarm@gmail.com for more information on our CSAs or ordering information.


Fall CSA Local Schedules:

Blacksburg (every other Wednesday):

September 7, 21

October 5, 19

November 2, 16, 30

December 7, 21

January 4


Salem/Roanoke (every other Thursday):


September 8, 22

October6, 20

November 3, 17

December 1, 8, 22

January 5