Mission Statement

Fact: At the tender age of two years old my mother asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. “A cow” I replied. My grandfather owned a traditional farm (read chickens, cows, hogs, dogs and tomatoes) near Murfreesboro, TN that I grew up with, learning husbandry, fencing, haying and sometimes cursing the weather. I was quite chagrined to learn the transformation from human to bovine was quite impossible and so decided being a farmer would have to suffice. The years I had working with granddad, learning the art of agriculture, were the most important, influential times of my youth. My grandfather had a stroke when I was nineteen that forced him to sell the farm and move closer to town. He advised me to educate myself and leave the farming life for a time. I went to college, moved to the city and found myself depressed and unfulfilled. A stroke of genius luck found me in Montana in my 29th year, fishing. It was there I met Sarah, a city girl from the Great White North who wanted to leave the city, start a farm and live the good life. We fell in love quite quickly, married, moved to Virginia and started Leaping Waters Farm on 110 acres in the hamlet of Alleghany Spring. The idea was to feed our children the best food we could raise and perhaps sell a little to help with the mortgage.

Today we farm about 600 acres of (mostly leased) pasture, our children eat quite well, as do the customers of the many restaurants we supply up and down the east coast, as well as the local subscribers to our CSA. We work a lot, all the time, but we have found the good life, and it’s one we like to share.